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Bundle Packages

The Professional - $2,500.00
The Premier- $1,500.00
The Personal-$750.00

Editing Packages

The Shakespeare - $500.00- $1,000.00
The Poe- $400.00-$500.00
The Hughes- $300.00- $400.00
The Hemingway- $200.00-$300.00
The Twain- $125.00-$200.00

Reviews, Editing & Writing

Book Reviews-$10.00-$100.00 Per Review
Editing Author Bio-$10.00-$50.00
Writing Author Bio-$25.00-$50.00
Editing Press Releases-$10.00-$30.00 Per Release
Writing Press Releases-$25.00-$50.00 Per Release
Editing Book Synopsis-$20.00-$50.00
Writing Book Synopsis-$30.00-$75.00
Editing Misc.-**Consultation
Writing Misc.-**Consultation

By initaling the box below you are agreeing that you have provide CNWynn Publications with all correct information to your knowledge, as well as read the disclaimer at the bottom of this form.


Once you receive pricing from CNWynn Publications, that pricing is good for 14 days, after the 14 day period you will have to receive another quote from CNWynn Publications. Any and all pricing is subject to change without notice. Once a project has been approved and agreed to NO refunds will be issued.


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